About us


Sanitex SA is an independent family company founded in 1959 in Bassecourt, in the heart of the Swiss Jura. Sanitex SA is currently managed by the 3rd generation. 

60 years ago, the Guerdat family founded Sanitex SA. The main activity at that time was the production of glass syringes entirely handmade in the premises of Sanitex SA. 

Over the years, the family business has diversified, in particular by introducing single-use products into its range.  

Sanitex SA is now organized into 2 different business sectors: 



It is the company's main activity. Sanitex SA imports single-use medical devices from recognized and approved manufacturers and suppliers worldwide.  


Sanitex SA is one of the few companies to be completely autonomous in the production of glass and metal syringes. These are entirely handmade. Such manufacturing requires know-how, in particular high precision and meticulousness.  


The company wanted to maintain its family character and to offert a personalized service, with the support of its loyal employees.  

Sanitex SA employs qualified employees from the Jura region, highly qualified, always attentive to your needs and at your disposal to provide you with a quality service.  

As a fully independent family business, it has the advantage of being extremely responsive and thus able to respond to our customers' resquests within a very short period of time.  

For many years, our family business has been listening to our customers with whom it has developed privileged contacts.  

We look forward to continuing good business collaboration.